Google has recently added Trekker (camera on a backpack) to the familiar Streetview (camera on a car/trike) to allow Panos to be recorded in far more places and in this case the camera has been mounted on the front of a flatbed railway carriage, allowing almost perfect 360 degree panoramas.

Googles 0 and 50 have been rotated 180 degrees to the direction of travel to show the setup, in this case with a very handsome blue engine.

Once a panorama has been selected it can be rotated in all directions and zoomed in/out, or forward/backwards. Then if you wish to know more about a particular location you can elect to view the Google Map for that location and search for local attractions and services to assist with trip planning or on location using a smartphone etc.

Once at Google Maps you will find that these panoramas are taken about every 50 meters (over 3,000 total) so we select one every 3 km or so as "Entry Points" to provide a type of "shortcut" to specific locations. Once there, you may take as long as you wish to examine the location or look at other panoramas in between the Entry Points.