This app has been principally built for a comparison of our Blue Sky Venture termed "Slow Web" to the recently shown program to herald the start of the Slow TV Genre in Australia, featuring the Ghan Railway trip from Adelaide to Darwin.

One of the main features of our Slow Web format is the interactive panoramas provided by Google (commonly called "Streetview") at Google Maps (and Google Earth) "filmed" from a multi-camera GPS setup mounted on a car, trike, boat or backpack (Trekker) and now a railway carriage, but the BAD news is that such an exercise has not been performed as yet for the Ghan rail journey.

The GOOD news however is that the smart folk in Portugal have teamed up with Google to mount the Streetview camera on a flatbed rail carriage as seen in this blog at Internet's Best Secrets

We discovered this (train) mode of Streetview by pure chance while searching for panoramas of Pinhao, and the odds of having found it must be over a million to one as there is just one other example in the whole world (in Switzerland). And even Google's own Showcase was only "un-hidden" by scouring through some 300 other locations.

But that is the very REASON we developed Slow Web, ie to showcase Streetview, Flyovers and other means to make such amazing locations, trips etc as clearly VISIBLE as the ubiquitous cookies and targeted advertising that presently gridlock the "Information Superhighway" as it was initially envisaged.

So we went ahead and built this Slow Web App for the Douro Line, a 174 km train journey from Porto on the coast to Pocinho near to the Spanish border, passing through the famous Port Growing Area, which is also a World Heritage Site.

It is hoped that the exciting possibilities evidenced by this app might lead to further apps starting with the Ghan and the remaining Portuguese Areas already covered by the "Google Train". As a "starting point" here is a suggested Main Map for the Portuguese Slow Web App.